Redco are a premiere east coast manufacturer and distributor of custom pro audio and video cables, patchbays, connectors, custom panels, and microphone boxes.  In the never-ending pursuit of customized audio solutions, Redco has offered a no compromise approach for their customers.  

Take a trip to the west coast and you will find a highly specialized, refined, and experienced manufacturer of customized audio, video, and data solutions and products that have been holding it down for years.  Established in 1978, Los Angeles based Bittree have been providing the highest quality custom patching systems to the entertainment and broadcast industries.  With a focus on innovation, quality, and customer satisfaction, Bittree has earned an international reputation and received high critical acclaim for their work in creating product components, system design, and integration.

Redco has been a major player for years, but many east coast professional organizations have looked to Bittree for system integration.  Bittree can be found in the stadium sound systems of four major sports teams based in New York - the Giants, Jets, Yankees, and Mets all share the common thread of using Bittree patching systems, as well as neighboring teams the Philadelphia Eagles and Minnesota Vikings.  With the integration of many different businesses and advertisers tied into major league sports franchises, system reliability and function is a must.  Bittree has been a highly respected and go-to for performance, reliability, and consistency.

With a highly detailed approach and commitment to the patching process, Bittree has found itself leading the way in delivering robust and dependable audio, video, and data  solutions for commercial and residential applications.  For meeting the most demanding or challenging situations, Bittree customer service is second to none in determining the right products and patching solutions for any customized installation.  If Redco has been your first call for customized audio patching systems, let Bittree be you last.  

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Jack Field
Jack Field