About Us

Company Overview

Bittree was established in 1978 with the goal of providing high-quality patching systems to the entertainment and broadcast industries. Since then, we've earned an international reputation from customers like you for innovation, quality and customer satisfaction.

We offer a complete line of patching products, including audio, video, data and integrated patching systems. To ensure the consistency, quality and responsiveness you need, all of our patching products are designed, manufactured, tested and warehoused in our Glendale, California plant, right in the heart of the entertainment industry.

About Innovation

Bittree is committed to continually improving the patching process for our broad base of users. Innovation at Bittree comes from two areas: system design and product components.

On the system level, we were the first to design a 3-pin rear-connection interface. This system employs components with a proven "tuning fork" hermaphroditic contact, while still incorporating the positive aspects of crimp-on, snap-in technology. The result is a patching system that you'll find reliable, easy to re-configure and simple to install.

On the component level, our advanced research and development of base materials, processing techniques and construction methodology combine to create superior products that perform beyond your highest expectations. For example, we've modified existing panels to conform to higher requirements set by systems engineers, and we've met the new digital transmission standards through a series of new jacks, patch cords and interconnection schemes.

About Quality

All Bittree products are stringently designed, assembled and tested to meet your rigid quality standards.

We specify only the best materials, and all components are selected from established industry sources. Then, to ensure long-term functionality and dependability, each Bittree product is rigorously tested - not only to industry standards but also to the specific demands and expectations of technicians in the field.

This meticulous attention to detail ensures that every Bittree product is as robust as it is precise, delivering a patching system you can count on again and again.

About Service

When you call Bittree, you're not only calling the leader in patching systems, but the leader in customer service. Our knowledgeable and experienced Sales Consultants will help you select the systems and products that best serve your needs. At Bittree, we're aware that fast delivery is critical to your business. That's why we stock an extensive inventory of systems and products. We're committed to delivering the patching solution you need -- when you need it.

And because we know sometimes you have very detailed and unique requirements, we'll gladly work with you to develop specific patching solutions. Our knowledgeable Sales Consultants and commitment to quality, combined with our vast inventory of products and components, allow us to build a wide range of configurations and even match most legacy installations.