Bittree Patchbays is proud to offer the ProStudio Patchbay Collection. The ProStudio Patchbay models all build on Bittree’s rich history in the music industry, beginning with the extensive experience of Bittree founder and CEO Glenn Garrard. Starting out by building and maintaining speakers and tape machines for Motown Records in Detroit, he came to the west coast when Berry Gordy Jr. relocated Motown to Los Angeles in 1972. Garrard then worked in television on the Merv Griffin Show, before founding Bittree in 1978.

This meticulous attention to quality extends to the ProStudio's connectors and components. Solid-gold switching contacts are welded and electrically bonded to the spring leaves, providing superior durability and higher electrical current ratings than competing solutions’ pressed-on foil approach. 

Professional-grade shunts, protected from dust and other elements including EMI and RFI by the PS48DB25F and the PS96DB25F's removable front stainless steel designation strips, enable easy reconfiguration of circuit normalling, grounding and bussing. Meanwhile, the designation strips themselves provide ample space for three lines of print, enabling easy labeling and quick identification.