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February 08, 2018

Non Normal (Isolated) Patchbays - Normalling patchbays A non-normal, isolated grounds patchbay configuration is often used for a completely configurable patchbay setup. This layout involves absolutely no connection between patch points, which ensures that differently grounded equipment share no connection or ground. A non-normal setup allows the engineer to connect external gear to their signal-chain at any time, and in any order of their recording or mixing process. This configuration is often used for effect processors' sends and returns.      

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Half-normal patchbay configuration - Half normalling

February 02, 2018

A half-normal patchbay configuration is commonly used with analog line level signals. The signal from the source device, at the top jack, flows through to the jack directly below, to a destination device, via the “half-normal” signal route. This type of normaling differs from a full-normal in that the signal switches off, breaking the normal when patching into the bottom jack only. This configuration also allows the engineer to create a second signal route, while maintaining the half-normal signal route - In effect, a Y cable. An identical signal is created when patching into the top jack, thus not breaking the normal. The top jack can also be used as a monitor jack, allowing quick checks of signal without breaking...

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