Patchbay Phantom Power - Using phantom power with your patchbay

Patchbay Phantom Power - 

All Bittree audio patchbays are capable of passing phantom power.  The key is to understanding how ones ground structure in particular regarding the channel that phantom power is wanted to be present on.

So, keeping that in mind for a full normal circuit a buss; looped (vertical strap) or switched ground setting on our patch bays will all pass the ground required.  A non-normal circuit at the patchbay does not apply to this concept since inserting a patch cord is required to complete this circuit and ground will then be provided.  A half normal circuit is not recommended for phantom power applications.

A basic principle of phantom power is that it always requires a ground connection to complete the circuit.  Also, with active phantom power, it is a best practice to turn the input gain down when patching into any phantom power patch point and never apply phantom power to a ribbon microphone. 

In summary, again, all Bittree patchbays are capable of passing Phantom Power.   Switched ground bays in particular offer the satisfaction of a ground follows patch rule which can be very useful for isolating ground technical issues, notably in systems with many performance, playback rooms, or locations.

Jack Field
Jack Field