Bittree celebrates 15 years of the 969 Audio Patchbay with a limited edition model at the 2016 NAB Trade show

GLENDALE, CA (NAB, Booth SU9221) – April 18, 2016 – Bittree high-performance patching systems will be celebrating the 15th anniversary of their iconic 969A Series front programmable TT (Bantam) Audio Patchbay. To launch their 2016 celebration, Bittree will unveil a distinctive limited edition model during the 2016 NAB trade show in Las Vegas, NV: the Audio TT (Bantam) Front Programmable, 969-A Series, 2x48, 2 RU 15 Year Anniversary Limited Edition.

This special edition will be limited to 150 patchbays, a number that represents the 15-year anniversary of the approved patent US 6,535,367 B1 for this invention.  Designed, built, and tested in Glendale, California, this model features a custom front panel design with a high gloss metallic polyurethane paint combined with a metallic silk screen. 1-48 left-to-right numbering on front panel for easy circuit identification with a special green silkscreened “15” to honor this milestone.  

“For 15 years, our 969 series patchbays have been have been serving as the foundation for many studios around the globe and we are proud that they are still in service”, said Bryan Carpenter, Senior Sales Consultant at Bittree. “We wanted to create something special and unique to commemorate this milestone.”

Offering a high-density 2x48 jack configuration, the Bittree 969-A Anniversary Edition patchbays are fully programmable to allow users to change the normals and grounding of individual circuits quickly and easily. Normals can be changed to full-normal, half-normal, or non-normal, and grounding can be changed to bussed, isolated, or looped. The 48 circuits on the front panel are conveniently numbered from left to right, with rear-interface options including E3, E90, ID (punchdown), and D25. Mating connectors and contacts are included with E3 and E90 rear interfaces.

Details on the product to be featured are below and complete product specs can be found at:


Ari Baron
Ari Baron