Bittree Introduces Flexible and Space-Efficient 12G Video Distribution Amplifier Series

Bittree Introduces Flexible and Space-Efficient 12G Video Distribution Amplifier Series

New DA family condenses signal distribution footprint in high-density, compact form factor while bridging coaxial, fiber and IP video architectures 

Expanding its product portfolio beyond its renowned video, audio and data patchbay innovations, media infrastructure leader Bittree today announced the first series of video distribution amplifiers in the company’s illustrious 40-year history. Bittree’s new 12G Video Distribution Amplifiers condense customers’ growing signal distribution requirements into a lightweight, high-density, modular form factor while supporting the 12Gb/s data rates needed for single-link 4K/Ultra HD transport.


Available in a coaxial model and a ground-breaking hybrid configuration that marries coax with fiber or SMPTE ST 2110-compliant IP network connectivity, Bittree’s modular 12G Video Distribution Amplifier family combines compact 2RU frames with one or more high-performance, 1x4 DA cards. Each frame can host up to 32 one-input/four-output distribution amplifier modules for exceptional signal density in a small footprint.

Forming the entry point into the new video distribution amplifier series, Bittree’s DAF32X frames combine with corresponding DABX cards for signal distribution workflows requiring only coaxial connectivity. Each card features one input and four outputs with DIN 1.0/2.3 connectors on the rear of the module. The cards are compliant with SMPTE 259M, 292M, 344M, 424M, ST2081-1 and ST2082-1 technical standards and support data rates up to 12Gb/s, enabling reliable distribution of analog, SD-SDI, HD-SDI and 4K video with embedded audio. Automatic equalization and multi-rate re-clocking ensure maximum signal integrity is preserved.

The flagships of the new family, Bittree DAF32FX distribution frames and DABFX cards, build further on the functionality of their coax-only siblings to empower hybrid video infrastructures. An SFP (small form-factor pluggable) interface on each DABFX card can be populated with the customer’s choice of a fiber or HDMI SFP module, and can be configured as either input or output. The option of IP connectivity via fiber enables Bittree 12G distribution amplifiers to serve as on- or off-ramp gateways between traditional SDI video signals and today’s emerging IP video networks using the SMPTE ST 2110 standard. 

In addition to the SFP interface and DIN coax connections on the rear of the card, each DABFX offers two mini-WECO jacks on the front. The mini-WECO interfaces enable seamless direct patching between Bittree 12G video distribution amplifiers and the company’s award-winning 12G+ mini-WECO coaxial patchbays, allowing customers to build flexible video infrastructures of virtually any scale. One of the DABFX card’s mini-WECO jacks serves as a half-normalling output, allowing it to act as a test and monitoring point without interrupting the flow of the source signal to the four standard outputs. The second mini-WECO jack acts as a direct input to the distribution amplifier. The result is an industry-leading, feature-rich video distribution amplifier with a front-accessible, active monitoring connection.

“Traditionally, video engineers would need to take an output from their distribution amplifier and send it to an entire separate rack of equipment that they built to provide test points,” said Bryan Carpenter, senior sales consultant at Bittree. “The half-normalling ability provides a dedicated test point with the DABFX cards eliminating the need for that rack build, which in turn minimizes cabling and consumes fewer outputs that could be used for other purposes.” 

See-through covers on both frame models provide easy visibility of their cards’ status LEDs, while the cards are hot-swappable and dual power supply modules bolster fault tolerance. The coaxial-only DAF32X frames have a nominal weight of just 12 pounds when fully loaded with all 32 cards, with hybrid DAF32FX frames weighing in at only 18 pounds when similarly configured. Ideal for any broadcast or production environment, this space and weight efficiency are particularly significant in mobile production vehicles. 

“Distribution amplifiers are a natural extension of our video infrastructure portfolio and a perfect complement to our highly-acclaimed 12G+ patchbays,” said Ari Baron, general manager at Bittree. “Customers and systems integrators can now build complete 12G systems that combine coax, fiber and IP network connectivity with robust patching and distribution functionality – all with Bittree’s renowned reliability and support.”

Bittree 12G Video Distribution Amplifier frames and cards are available immediately through the Bittree website and the company’s extensive network of authorized resellers and systems integrators. For more information, please visit


Ari Baron
Ari Baron