Types of Fiber Optic Cable

Types of Fiber Optic Cable

Types of Fiber Optic Cable

Types of fiber optic cable consist of many different options depending on their implementation and use.  Specifically designed for the transmission of data and the connecting of computer networks, fiber optic cables allow the communication of many different computers by the use of patch panels or patch bays if connecting multiple devices, but can also be used to connect single computers directly to a modem.  

Television and radio broadcasting, home recording studios, and telecommunications all use different types of fiber optic cable in their respective applications.  Made up of one or more individual optical fibers, communications are allowed by the transferring of light instead of electrical currents, allowing much faster connections and bandwidth.  

Optical fiber elements are individually coated, typically with plastic layers, and are housed in a durable tubing made specifically for the environment where the cable will be used. Different kinds of cable are used in different applications, providing high-speed data connection between different parts of a building, or in long distance telephone connections.

The following are just a few of the different fiber optic cable types:

OFC - Optical fiber, conductive

OFN - Optical fiber, nonconductive

OFCG - Optical fiber, conductive, general use

OFNG - Optical fiber, nonconductive, general use

OFCP - Optical fiber, conductive, plenum

OFNP - Optical fiber, nonconductive, plenum

OFCR - Optical fiber, conductive, riser

The implementation of patch panels allows the connecting of different types of fiber optic cable, found in many commercial and residential settings.  Patch panels allow the flow of data and information to be shared by multiple computers and hardware devices.

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