Are you in the market for a new recording studio desk? Have you outgrown your studio’s desk and thinking of buying or building a new, larger one? Today we will comment on some points to consider before you make a move.
recording studio desk


The simplest way of solving your desk scenario is to shop for whatever’s new and appealing to you online and have it delivered. Since most of us are working on laptops or other miniaturized machines, there is no need for the traditional tower computer compartment: This space can be reclaimed and used for another purpose, like more outboard gear! There are a lot of custom studio desk builders out there who can build your vision if you have the budget. Many commercial and some independent companies have several models available that you can customize a bit if you like. Don’t get too crazy with the customization though, you’ll go over budget in no time. The custom stuff is the way to go if you have less of a financial constraint as custom options can add up quickly.


Much of the modern commercial recording studio desk furniture is made of MDF or similar materials and lack hardwood supports or shelves. Construction from all plywood and hardwood materials will ensure your recording studio desk will last. MDF tends to bust out at stress points like thru-bolts and anchors and are extra susceptible to exposure to moisture.  If MDF gets moisture on it in just the right place (like edges and bolt holes) it will expand and there is no fixing this once it starts. Anything made out of real hardwood and plywood is less susceptible to moisture and will certainly be much more sturdy.


Yet a third way to attack this problem is to build something yourself totally from scratch. Pick a finished height; decide on how much tabletop space you need, where your outboard gear is going to live and where your cables will lay. Draw it up on some graph paper and then start cutting out your parts. You get a better-finished product if you use a table saw on the long cuts because it will make a much straighter cut than a handheld circular saw. After cutting the parts, dry fit them to make sure there are no issues with the parts going together square. Always use wood glue on connections that are to remain permanently attached and always dry fasten those connections that need to be broken down in the future.  It’s much easier to assemble something as big as a recording studio desk with two people so grab someone who owes you a favor to assist with the build. If you’ve elected to go this route you probably have a shop to work in and don’t need this advice but it’s helpful the first time or two you do a project like this on your own. There is also the tried and true online used gear route if the options above don’t work out for you.  Online forums, Craigslist and your favorite social media platform could land you the perfect recording studio desk you’ve ever had.

So what did we learn today?  We learned that when you’re looking for a new recording studio desk solution, consider buying new,  used, or build your custom desk to your own specifications.  There are many options available so take a little time with this decision and find exactly the right fit for you and your studio.

Jack Field
Jack Field