Integrated (IPS) Audio, Video and Machine Control Patchbay, Mini-WECO (Midsize) and TT (Bantam), 2 RU, BIPS-195

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  • Bittree® Integrated (IPS) Audio/Video/Data Patchbay in 2 R
    • Front panel jack arrangement: 2x16 Mini-WECO Video, 2x16 TT (Bantam) Audio, 2x4 RS-422 Data

    Video Specifications:
    • Mini-WECO (midsize) high-bandwidth (3Ghz) video jacks
    • Dual body, self-normalling with 75 ohm termination
    • SMPTE 259M, 292M and 424M compliant
    • BNC rear interface

    Audio Specifications:
    • Full normal with isolated grounds, mono (even) jack spacing
    • E3 rear interface with mating hardware included:
    32 x E3M connector housings (3-pin male)
    - 96 x EPIN crimp contacts (gold-plated)

    Data Specifications:
    • 6 circuits normal (RS-422 + 2/GPI)
    • DE-9 rear interface

    TT (Bantam) Jack Properties (Audio and Data):
    • Rated to 30,000 minimum insertion cycles
    • Copper-nickel-silver alloy leaf springs with gold-alloy cross bar switching contacts and nickel-plated sleeve bushings
    • Rugged nickel-plated, cold-rolled steel box-frame construction

    Panel Features:
    • 3/16” (0.187 in. / 4.76 mm) machined aluminum with a durable powder-coat finish
    • Rear-mounted jack modules
    • Precision machined phenolic insulator electrically and mechanically separates jacks from the front panel
    • 12" (30.48 cm) deep fully enclosed chassis
    • 2 x DS800-15 designation strips:
    - Stainless-steel sliders with white styrene and non-glare Lexan inserts

    • RoHS Compliance – See our RoHS compliance statement to learn more