DS580-10-ASSY Patchbay Designation Strip Assembly and Components


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  • Bittree® DS580-10-ASSY Designation Strip Assembly and Components

    Designed for use with: 
    • Video Patchbays:
    - Standard WECo:  2x24 1.5RU, 2x26 1.5RU
    - Bulkheads:  1x16 1RU, 2x16 2RU
    • Audio Patchbays:
    - 481 Series:  2x24 1.5RU
    - 521 Series:  2x26 1.5RU
    • Special Applications:
    - Riedel Intercom Patchbay:  24 channel 2RU

    Product Features:
    • Stainless steel slider with screw mounting holes
    • Non-glare Lexan cover
    • White styrene insert
    • 0.58" (14.73 mm) high, 16.56" (42.06 cm) long
    • Safe view:  0.41" (10.414 mm)


    • Available Components:
    - DS580-10-ASSY:  Complete assembly including stainless steel slider, White styrene insert, clear plastic cover, and mounting screws
    - DS580-10/S:  Stainless steel holder
    - DS580-10/D:  White styrene insert only
    - DS580-10/P:  Non-glare Lexan cover only

    • RoHS Compliance – See our RoHS compliance statement to learn more
  • Product Files:
    Designation Strip Template DOCX
    Technical Drawings:
    DS580-10-ASSY DWG PDF
    DS580-10/S DWG PDF
    DS580-10/D DWG PDF
    DS580-10/P DWG PDF