B64S-AV75 *discontinued

Coaxial Unbalanced Audio Patchbay, 2x32, 1 RU

  • Bittree® Coaxial Unbalanced Audio Patchbay in 1 RU with 2x32 jack configuration
    • Hybrid TT (Bantam) audio jacks with BNC connectors
    • TT (Bantam) audio jack properties:
      - Precision-stamped reinforced steel jack frame
      - Copper-nickel-silver alloy leaf springs with gold-plated cross bar switching contacts and nickel-plated sleeve bushings
      - Jacks rated to 30,000 minimum insertion cycles

    Panel Features:
      - 3/16” (0.187 in. / 4.76 mm) machined aluminum with a durable powder-coat finish
      - Front-mounted jack modules
      - Precision machined phenolic insulator electrically and mechanically separates jacks from the front panel
    • 2 x DS250-10 Designation Strips:
      - Extruded aluminum bars with clear plastic snap-over caps
    • BNC Rear Interface

    • Unbalanced audio jacks may be ordered in two different configurations:
      - Dual body, self-normalling (AV75-DAJ)
      - Dual body, non-normalling (AV75N-DAJ)
    • RoHS Compliance – See our RoHS compliance statement to learn more

  • Product Files:
    Circuit Schematics Coming Soon
    Designation Strip Template Coming Soon
    Technical Drawings:
    B64S-AV75    DWG PDF
    B64S-AV75N  DWG PDF