1/4" (Long-Frame) Audio Patchbay Jack Modules, 5 Lug, without threaded mounting holes


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  • Bittree® B-Gauge 1/4" (Long-Frame) Audio Patchbay Jack Module With 2 Switching Contacts and 5 Solder Lugs
    • Precision-stamped reinforced steel jack frame
    • Copper-nickel-silver alloy leaf springs with solid gold crossbar switching contacts and nickel-plated sleeve bushings
    • Gold switching contacts are welded and electrically bonded to to their leaf springs for superior durability and higher electrical current ratings than jacks featuring contacts with pressed-on gold foil
    • 110 ohm impedance with low return loss
    • 5 solder lugs support full normal, half normal, and non-normal configurations with either bussed, isolated, or looped grounds
    • Available without threaded mounting holes only
    • Life cycle:  30,000 insertion/removal cycles minimum

    • Available Modules:
    - BLJ525:  1/4 Inch Longframe audio jack, 5 solder lugs

    • RoHS Compliance – See our RoHS compliance statement to learn more

  • Product Files:
    Circuit Schematics PDF
    Technical Drawings:
    BLJ525 DWG PDF