We are open, shipping, and here to help

The pandemic has introduced a sea change in the global business environment, with ripple effects radiating across the many markets and verticals we serve. Bittree joins you in the challenges of navigating this new world, and we are grateful for the loyalty and trust you have shown us as we continue to serve your business needs.

As the pandemic gradually winds down, the long-term effects to our business operations are in some ways just coming into focus. While our day-to-day operations continue uninterrupted, the realities of supply chain disruptions and scarcity of parts have forced us to re-evaluate our pricing structure. Bittree will introduce a new pricing structure on June 1 that will reflect increases on select products affected by these long-term disruptions.

We thank you for your patience and understanding as we emerge together from the most challenging period of our collective lives.

Due to these extreme fluid economic conditions, a few key takeaways are to be noted: 
All existing published price sheets are null and void as of June 1st, 2021.
All outstanding quotes are valid for 30-days from the date on quotation.

Contact your Bittree representative for the following: 
>Any special projects in the pipeline that require attention and possibly a pricing hold.
>Future quotes and discount level specified.