422 Programmable Series Patchbay Programming Instructions


How to Change the Programming for a Circuit on a 422 Series Patchbay:

  1. Unscrew the screws along the top edges and take off the patchbay dust cover. Locate the Internal PCB Boards inside, which are right behind the back of the jacks (for a better view, turn the rear of the patchbay toward you). There are 24 PCB Boards; each one holds one circuit.
  2. Programming options are full normal or non-normal. Find your desired configuration in the diagram above.
  3. Ample red and white shunts are provided with every programmable patchbay. Arrange the programming shunts on the PCB Boards to match the appropriate diagram. When the programming shunts are inserted, the circuit will be full-normal; when the shunts are removed, the circuit will be non-normal. Note: Each circuit can be programmed independently.
  4. Replace the dust cover.


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