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Patchbay - Audio TT (Bantam) Front Programmable Patchbay, 969-A Series, 2x48, 2 RU, DB25 Rear Interface - 15 Year Anniversary Limited Edition

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  • Bittree® 15 Year Anniversary Limited Edition 969-A Series Patchbay with Metallic Blue and Green Front Panel in 2RU with DB25 Rear Interface
    • Front Programmable TT (Bantam) Audio, 2 RU
    • High-density 2x48 jack configuration with mono (even) jack spacing
    • Ships preconfigured with your preferred Normalling and Grounding configuration
    • Circuits can be easily reprogrammed via shunts under both designation strips
    • Digital AES wire used for internal wiring
    • 1-48 left-to-right numbering on front panel for easy circuit identification
    • 2 x DS800-10 designation strips, "Over/Under" orientation
    • DB25 rear interface (12 x 25-pin female DB25 connectors)

    • Normalling – circuits can be programmed to full normal, half normal or non-normal
    • Grounding – can be programmed to bussed, isolated, or looped
    • Chassis Dimensions – 12" (30.48 cm) or 7" (17.78 cm) deep fully enclosed chassis

    • RoHS Compliance – See our RoHS compliance statement to learn more